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Frequently asked Questions

Who let the dogs out?

Tails and Trails NL

Are your services customizable?

Absolutely. If you see a service you like but would rather something slightly different, contact us! We would be happy to work with you to provide a service that best suits your schedule.

How many dogs do you walk at once?

At Tails and Trails, we value one-on-one time and so does your dog! We also believe in spoiling our furbabies with the love they deserve. To make sure our fur customers get the best out of our services, we will only ever walk one dog at a time. If you have more than one dog, we will walk them together, but your dog will never be walked with a stranger!

Why do I have to do a meet and greet first?

Our complimentary meet and greets are mandatory for all new customers and dogs. Safety for ourselves and the dogs in our care is our first priority so coming to your house and meeting your dog is very important to us. At the meet and greet, we will get to know your dogs personality, health condition and training history. This will make sure that your dog gets the very most out of his exercise with us. Also, the meet is greet is where we will get a spare key to your house and learn about any alarm systems we will have to turn on and off.

I've taught my dog certain walking techniques, will you reinforce these?

Absolutely! At the meet and greet, we will ask you if you prefer your dog to walk in any particular way or if you've taught them any specific rules. If so, we will make sure we continue to walk your dog in this style and will even help them improve on these skills. This way, the next time you walk your dog, they will have improved leash etiquette...and we all know that means a much more enjoyable walk!

It's raining cats and dogs, will you still walk our dog?

We sure will...thats what rain boots are for!! Rain, drizzle, fog and snow won't keep us from giving your dog the exercise they deserve. Plus, we will give them a thorough towel dry, so they don't leave a soggy trail on your dining room carpet!


Tel: 709-771-5430

Tails and Trails NL is available in the following neighbourhoods:

Conception Bay South


Mount Pearl

St. John's

Portugal Cove

St. Philips


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Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9-5pm

Winter Walking Hours*

Monday- Friday 8-4pm

*Walks outside of these hours may be available upon request

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